Inclusive Education and Children with Disabilities

The Truth About Education

The Truth About Education

We are not about conspiracy theories, playing victims or only looking at the glass as ‘half-empty’. But something has to be said about the education system that in virtually unquestioned across the world.

Not to say there are no reforms. Obviously, education systems are different in Asia and United States. But not that much. Most of what actually matters is the same and that is hidden in the core of the education system, it’s very origins.     

The History of Education System


Current 12-class system that is used for education is based on the Prussian model of training factory workers. It’s 100 years old. That’s the obvious problem, it’s not Industrial Age anymore.

We should not be educating kids this way anymore.

What is not-so-obvious is the scale of how it hurts our growth. Imagine that an education system could be anything at all. For example, large theme-based classes that take kids of all ages, each helping one another. Certainly not without problems but still possible.

However, what we have now is something Pink Floyd was singing 40 years ago. We are dumbing down instead of inspiring our young generations. We are separating them into small classes that one teacher doesn’t even have a chance of managing properly.

Also, these conditions are perfect for leaders (bullies) emerge while teaching everyone else to stay silent and content.

We are not the first to criticize this type of education system:

The factory model of education is the wrong model for the 21st century.” – US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (2010)

Luckily, the changes are being made. Sadly, if you compare it to the pace of our lives now, it is much too slow.

What is changing in education?


We can’t be sad to see that new models of education are being implemented on a kindergarten level. But the K-12 system is still very much untouched.

What needs to change?

Listen to the kids. They go out of school complaining that they don’t know simple, everyday stuff like balancing a checkbook. General knowledge is important, mathematics is superb in developing child’s logic thinking but, especially from 6th and 7th grade we are talking about young adults that in a few years will need to choose their life focus. And all they know about career choices are lawyers, doctors and policemen. Not to say we need to teach children they can be winners with slot games, but they should know how wide are the choices and how they can reach it.

On another hand, we are also growing the next generation. Why do you need to go to University to study basic psychology while skills such as arguing and apologizing are essential from the youngest age.

There is very little right with today’s education and to make the world better, it will have to change. Soon.

Inclusive Education: Adapting Mainstream Schools

Inclusive Education: Adapting Mainstream Schools

The practice of adapting mainstream schools and classrooms, so that students can learn together, each at their own pace.

Why is it beneficial?

Inclusive education prepares all students, whether disabled or non-disabled, to contribute to and participate in the communities in which they live.

Is inclusive education more expensive than special education?

The head teacher has access to funding or additional resources from the local education authority if your child needs extra supports.  As of September 2002, financial constraints cannot be the deciding factor in determining whether your child can go to the local mainstream school.  As parents, your wishes have a much more significant influence on where your child attends school.  It’s important to remember that the head teacher does not own the school.  The school is part of your child’s community, and as such, your child has a right to access it.

Inclusive education is often far more economical than providing services in special schools.  Inclusive education broadens the impact of expertise and maximally leverages educational resources by bringing them to mainstream schools and classrooms for the benefit of all students. Transforming a system of education from segregation to inclusion is hard work, and education authorities and school staff will often raise the issue of money as an avoidance tactic.

That argument, however, is counter-intuitive and easily rebutted, as evidenced by inclusive schools throughout the world.  It’s got nothing to do with money.  It is all about will.

Will my child be bullied?

Bullying is a very real concern for any parent sending their child to any school, whether a special school or an ordinary school.  No child should be subjected to name-calling or being made fun of, whatever school they attend.  If this happens, the school must act aggressively to stop it and make sure it does not happen again.  If you think this may happen to your child, get assurance from the school as to how they intend to prevent it.  If you think your child is being bullied and you’re not satisfied with the school’s response, go to your local councillor and/or the local education authority.  This behaviour should never be accepted as part of growing up.  It can be very damaging to all children concerned, whether they are the subject of bullying, are observing bullying, or indeed are bullying others.

There is no evidence that students are bullied more in mainstream schools than in special schools.  In fact, in a mainstream school in which the adults have been intentional about building a circle of friends around a student with disabilities, vulnerable students have peer advocates/friends, who are often the most effective prevention to bullying.

Will my child be able to keep up with the work the other students are doing?

This may be true for some students in some class work, but support can be provided to make sure that your child is able to participate according to his/her abilities and to take part in many other areas of class work and participate in other school activities.  Just like any other child, he or she will not be allowed to play here as any kind of gambling games are not allowed (that is a privilege left to teachers). All children in a school learn in different ways, at a different pace, and will have different modes of contributing to the learning community.  It is most important that the school create opportunities so that your child can contribute to the classroom and the learning of others in his/her unique way by being a genuine part of the school.  For any given lesson or content area, within any given school, there will be as many diverse learning outcomes as there are learners.  Good schools focus on learner growth and continuous progress, no matter where on the spectrum of achievement that learning occurs.

What is Inclusive Education?

What is Inclusive Education?

The world is an incredibly diverse place; in every neighborhood you will find people of various nationalities, religious beliefs and even sexual orientation. This mixture of people is essential; it is part of what separates humans from animals.

Of course, this is not something that all children are aware of. It is a sad fact of life that as people age, they generally become more narrow-minded; this is often a result of the incidents which have occurred throughout their life.

It is this intolerance of others which can often cause issues; and the reason why inclusive education has become so popular.

Celebrate the Community!

The premise behind inclusive education is simply that all children; regardless of their physical abilities, ethnic origin or beliefs can share a classroom and learn together. Research has shown that if children mix together from a young age they will develop a much greater understanding of other cultures and lifestyles. Perhaps more importantly, they will also bond. These types of bonds can overcome any negative stereotyping which is currently in existence.

Look Out for Special Needs!

It used to be the case that any child with a disability or branded a slow learner, would be placed in a special needs school. This may have been intended to provide a more focused education for these children, but, in truth it simply separated them and ensured they stood out as different.

This is not an option in an inclusive education!

Basic FACT!

All children are equal, all families within a community are valued and all have the same right to an education!

Whilst it is necessary to spend additional time planning to cover all the different skill levels in a classroom, teaching a child with disabilities in the same room as a children without disabilities promotes acceptance and improves the overall level of education.

How to Set the Learning Goals

The aim of the government is to provide a high quality education for every child; this means that, whether disabled or not, the goal for every child must be the same. Inclusive education means providing just enough assistance to each pupil to ensure they can reach that goal.

This may involve special teaching materials or technology; or it may simply involve a little extra time. Every child is provided with the same opportunity and the same expectation to reach the set targets.

This is How You Build and Involve a Community!

Inclusive education allows the community to bond together; every member of the community has the opportunity to be involved in the school and assist in building a future for all children.

Perhaps the greatest outcome from providing an inclusive education is not the access to learning; it is the environment that is created. Every child has the opportunity to excel but also learns tolerance and acceptance of others; regardless of their abilities.

It is this which will really influence and change the future; why change an adult misguided viewpoint when inclusive education has the power to avoid the setting of these barriers in the first place?

Understanding Innovative Solutions

Understanding Innovative Solutions

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Top Inclusive Education Secrets

Top Inclusive Education Secrets

The Characteristics of Inclusive Education

There is absolutely no curriculum for kids with special should help them remain in the mainstream education. Inclusive education is growing more and more common all around the world. It includes the teachers and parents as well.

Frequently, teacher colleges don’t provide enough instruction about teaching students that aren’t average, states Mirenda. Students may qualify in many of ways for plans. Every one of the students receive a feeling of belonging. Students with disabilities have the right to be free from discrimination, and should be supplied with equal chance to learn what other students are anticipated to learn.

There are a number of things a teacher is able to do in order to make their classroom a secure and positive place for students to learn. Every teacher has a duty to present a wholesome learning environment for their students. First of all, a teacher should be enthusiastic about her or himself. If teachers receive training in a particular disability, it can be years until they use it, states Stone. In that way, they are no different from their students. Because of this the teachers have to be involved. They will not know how to come up with curriculum to address the needs of all the students.

Poverty plays an enormous function. There’s an abundance of methods and techniques that, through research, have been demonstrated to enhance the grade of the learning atmosphere. Diversity isn’t the issue, it is something which ought to be embraced. Inclusion is a continuous procedure that will appear different in every school, states Pletser. It means that each student participates, feels welcomed and is able to achieve his or her academic goals. For people that aren’t familiar with inclusion, they might be surprised to learn the range of academic, social, and physical advantages of inclusive education.

Education systems may just boost the anxiety. Access involves a whole lot more than providing ramps. It is also the key element of inclusion, which involves much more than placement in a particular setting.

A Secret Weapon for Inclusive Education

The purpose is to eliminate all barriers as a way to attain learning (Lipski, 1998). It is to ensure that students with disabilities are developing skills that are relevant to their lives. The principal goals of education ought to be enabling students to put on knowledge and moral values.

All children gain from inclusive education. Mainstreaming is a process which permits children with special should enter certain normal classrooms once they show the capability to keep yourself updated with the remainder of their peers. If a kid gives an incorrect response, give them credit for trying, and if at all possible, relate their reply to the subject issue. It aids the child to open up and enhance his communication abilities.

The site refers to a vast range of resources, a few of which are free. Though the guide intends to support schools, it doesn’t provide an established pathway to inclusion. The music classes which have been an essential component of some school curriculums classes demonstrate excellent outcomes.

Innovative Solutions for Inclusive Education

Innovative Solutions for Inclusive Education

There is always a difference between theory and practice. The ideology behind inclusive education is that all children, regardless of if they have a disability or not, be provided with access to the same level of education. The educational needs of all children can be met within the same classroom.

Inclusive education is a noble goal; by teaching children together they will bond better and many of the current stereotypes and bias can be avoided.

However, there are some issues when dealing with the practicality of teaching disabled and non-disabled children together. It is important to look at ways to overcome these.

The Resources Are There!

One of the biggest issues to inclusive education is often seen as a lack of resources. However, this is not actually the case!

Resources are seen to mean text books, computer screens and even pens and pencils. But, the best resource a school has is the teachers. They are the ones that impart knowledge.

The difference must be in the approach. Instead of sticking to traditional methods; a text book and a blackboard; the teachers must be free to use the resources around them. All children learn best through engagement and repetition. By using the local community and the space outside of the classroom children can easily have access to all the resources they need; whether learning words, math or even physics!

Practical Issues

If a disabled student is in a wheelchair it does not mean they cannot perform the same task as the non-disabled students. It simply means a little extra planning. Despite the initial concerns it can actually be very simple to negotiate the majority of these issues.

In many cases the issue is best solved by talking to the disabled child; they will know what they need to complete the task in hand!


One of the best and most powerful ways to ensure an inclusive education is not only viable, but a better option; is to involve the children.

Engaging the children by communicating with them and teaching in a way that captures their imaginations has several benefits:

  • They become active learners instead of passive.
  • They want to be educated and the level of learning will increase dramatically.
  • Children are taught that they can change and influence things; this is important right through life.
  • Democracy and equal rights are simply part of their lives; not something they need to learn about. Children in inclusive education simply accept each other.

The key is to ensure that the children are consulted at each step of the journey. The teacher has the knowledge but the children hold the key to how it is distributed. Engaging them allows them to want to learn.


There will always be times when it is difficult to know how to provide the best possible environment for every child. To ensure inclusive education is successful all teachers must have easy access to support. This could be the head of the, school or a separate body which can provide advice and support as needed.


Finally, it is also vital to involve the parents and wider community. They can take the strain and assist when needed. They will also be inspired to make the inclusive education a success. Working as a community will allow the adults to set a good example for the children.