Inclusive Education and Children with Disabilities

The Truth About Education

The Truth About Education

We are not about conspiracy theories, playing victims or only looking at the glass as ‘half-empty’. But something has to be said about the education system that in virtually unquestioned across the world.

Not to say there are no reforms. Obviously, education systems are different in Asia and United States. But not that much. Most of what actually matters is the same and that is hidden in the core of the education system, it’s very origins.     

The History of Education System


Current 12-class system that is used for education is based on the Prussian model of training factory workers. It’s 100 years old. That’s the obvious problem, it’s not Industrial Age anymore.

We should not be educating kids this way anymore.

What is not-so-obvious is the scale of how it hurts our growth. Imagine that an education system could be anything at all. For example, large theme-based classes that take kids of all ages, each helping one another. Certainly not without problems but still possible.

However, what we have now is something Pink Floyd was singing 40 years ago. We are dumbing down instead of inspiring our young generations. We are separating them into small classes that one teacher doesn’t even have a chance of managing properly.

Also, these conditions are perfect for leaders (bullies) emerge while teaching everyone else to stay silent and content.

We are not the first to criticize this type of education system:

The factory model of education is the wrong model for the 21st century.” – US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (2010)

Luckily, the changes are being made. Sadly, if you compare it to the pace of our lives now, it is much too slow.

What is changing in education?


We can’t be sad to see that new models of education are being implemented on a kindergarten level. But the K-12 system is still very much untouched.

What needs to change?

Listen to the kids. They go out of school complaining that they don’t know simple, everyday stuff like balancing a checkbook. General knowledge is important, mathematics is superb in developing child’s logic thinking but, especially from 6th and 7th grade we are talking about young adults that in a few years will need to choose their life focus. And all they know about career choices are lawyers, doctors and policemen. Not to say we need to teach children they can be winners with slot games, but they should know how wide are the choices and how they can reach it.

On another hand, we are also growing the next generation. Why do you need to go to University to study basic psychology while skills such as arguing and apologizing are essential from the youngest age.

There is very little right with today’s education and to make the world better, it will have to change. Soon.

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