Inclusive Education and Children with Disabilities

What is Inclusive Education?

What is Inclusive Education?

The world is an incredibly diverse place; in every neighborhood you will find people of various nationalities, religious beliefs and even sexual orientation. This mixture of people is essential; it is part of what separates humans from animals.

Of course, this is not something that all children are aware of. It is a sad fact of life that as people age, they generally become more narrow-minded; this is often a result of the incidents which have occurred throughout their life.

It is this intolerance of others which can often cause issues; and the reason why inclusive education has become so popular.

Celebrate the Community!

The premise behind inclusive education is simply that all children; regardless of their physical abilities, ethnic origin or beliefs can share a classroom and learn together. Research has shown that if children mix together from a young age they will develop a much greater understanding of other cultures and lifestyles. Perhaps more importantly, they will also bond. These types of bonds can overcome any negative stereotyping which is currently in existence.

Look Out for Special Needs!

It used to be the case that any child with a disability or branded a slow learner, would be placed in a special needs school. This may have been intended to provide a more focused education for these children, but, in truth it simply separated them and ensured they stood out as different.

This is not an option in an inclusive education!

Basic FACT!

All children are equal, all families within a community are valued and all have the same right to an education!

Whilst it is necessary to spend additional time planning to cover all the different skill levels in a classroom, teaching a child with disabilities in the same room as a children without disabilities promotes acceptance and improves the overall level of education.

How to Set the Learning Goals

The aim of the government is to provide a high quality education for every child; this means that, whether disabled or not, the goal for every child must be the same. Inclusive education means providing just enough assistance to each pupil to ensure they can reach that goal.

This may involve special teaching materials or technology; or it may simply involve a little extra time. Every child is provided with the same opportunity and the same expectation to reach the set targets.

This is How You Build and Involve a Community!

Inclusive education allows the community to bond together; every member of the community has the opportunity to be involved in the school and assist in building a future for all children.

Perhaps the greatest outcome from providing an inclusive education is not the access to learning; it is the environment that is created. Every child has the opportunity to excel but also learns tolerance and acceptance of others; regardless of their abilities.

It is this which will really influence and change the future; why change an adult misguided viewpoint when inclusive education has the power to avoid the setting of these barriers in the first place?

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